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Nylon Webbing

Due to its excellent durability, strength, and flexibility, these heavy-duty nylon fabric straps have many applications. Webbing straps from Country Brook Design are used in dog leashes, dog collars, backpacking, climbing, and even a new sport called slacklining. We carry many varieties of colors, styles, and sizes of nylon webbing at affordable pricing for your project's needs.

Webbing Hardware

We have a huge variety of webbing hardware in stock like metal and plastic buckles, key fob hardware, D-rings, triglide slides, snap hooks, and more. Whether your project is light duty or heavy duty, we carry the appropriate hardware.

Ribbon Dog Collars

A ribbon collar is a dog collar that has a beautiful piece of designer ribbon sewn around the length of the collar to give it character and style. Our ribbon dog collars come in a variety of exclusive colors and styles to suit you and your dogs' specific personality. Browse our wide selection to find the perfect collar for your dog.


Buckles are a key component of any project that use nylon webbing. We have a wide variety of plastic side release buckles and metal side release buckles that are manufactured for strength and durability. One of our high quality buckles will make any webbing project complete.

Breed Pride

Breed Pride is a unique brand of dog collar for dog owners and breeders to show off their specific breed of dogs. Only manufactured here at Country Brook Design, these Breed Pride dog collars are made with printed ribbon with the images of AKC registered dog breeds. Show off your dog with Breed Pride!