nylon strapping

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What different sizes and colors does nylon webbing come in?

    As part of our commitment to ensuring our customers find the best product for their project, we offer nylon webbing in a wide variety of colors, sizes, strengths, and styles. Please use the "Narrow By" feature to select the size, color, and thickness that is right for your next project.

  2. What does this nylon webbing feel like and what are its capabilities?

    Nylon strapping material feels soft and lustrous. Almost Slick.

    Nylon web offers many beneficial properties over other materials:

    • Machine Washable (but dry on low heat only)
    • Melting Point of 480 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Tensile strength depends on width and thickness (Light, Heavy, Heavy Plus, or Super Heavy)
    • Benchmark tensile strength is our 1" heavy nylon webbing strap @ 4,200lb
    • High strength to weight ratio
    • Low stretch (< 2%)
    • Does not degrade in sunlight

    However, nylon web does have some limitations:

    • Isn't waterproof
    • It can mildew if it gets wet and is not dried properly

    * For applications where waterproofing is your primary concern, polypropylene webbing is recommended.

  3. What applications are Nylon Straps Used For?

    Nylon straps can be used for a variety of applications, depending on the strength and length of webbing used.

    Low-stress applications (any nylon strapping appropriate):
    • Rifle Sling
    • Purse Strap
    • Belts
    • Suspenders
    • Camera Strap
    • Backpack straps
    • Shopping bags
    Medium-Stress Applications (Use Normal or Heavy Plus, according to demand):
    • Collar
    • Leash
    • Harness
    • Straps under cushions on sofas
    • Strapping used to hold up HVAC ducts
    High-Stress applications (Use Normal, Heavy Plus or Super Heavy, and verify appropriate tensile strength):
    • Boat Rigging
    • Tie Downs
    • Tow Strap
    • Ratchet Straps
    • Kayaking straps
    • Slacklining

    If you are unsure about whether a product is right for your project, please contact us to ask. Our customer service representatives are experts on our products and can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks to each product, so you can find the perfect one for your project.

  4. Where is the nylon webbing made?

    As part of our commitment to providing quality products, we only sell nylon webbing that is manufactured in the United States. This ensures that all nylon webbing is manufactured to the highest performance and safety standards.

  5. How is it made/what is the construction of it?

    For flat nylon webbing, threads are woven together on a loom much like any other textile. For tubular nylon webbing, the webbing is crafted into a flat tube. The specific pattern can be changed to alter the aesthetic properties or durability of the nylon webbing straps.

  6. Why should I buy Country Brook's nylon webbing?

    In a word: Integrity. We believe in selling only the highest quality products at the fairest price possible, which is why we offer nylon webbing wholesale. Our sales staff bend over backwards to help you match the right product for your project, even if it means sending you to a competitor. Plus we stand behind our products with a no hassle return policy.