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Tubular Nylon Webbing

Tubular webbing is just like it sounds -- a nylon hollow tube which makes it softer and more pliable than flat webbing. Tubular Nylon Webbing has an increased overall strength-per-inch which makes it as strong, if not stronger, than flat webbing. The tensile strength of 1” tubular nylon webbing is approximately 4,000 lbs. and 7,000 lbs. is the tensile strength of the 2” width.

One major advantage of Tubular Nylon Webbing is that it ties in knots easier than flat webbing or strapping and it will hold the knot tighter without slipping. It unties easily no matter how much pressure was put on the knot. It is also abrasion resistant and very durable, making it ideal for replacement webbing.

Carol's Tip: Basically a hollow tube, you can use tubular webbing as a covering to protect and disguise cables, tubes, hoses, and cords. Be sure to look for items which have free shipping!

Tubular Nylon Webbing can be used in projects for rafting, kayaking and camping, as well as straps on backpacks, harnesses, collars and slings. The flexibility of Tubular Nylon Webbing makes it a favorite of climbers, skydivers, furniture makers and military personnel.

We offer Tubular Nylon Webbing in a 1” width, a variety of lengths and several colors. Other lengths are available at our regular low prices. We also offer compatible metal or plastic hardware to complete any project requiring webbing.

There is a limited amount of close-out priced webbing available. If you're looking for flat nylon webbing, we carry a wide selection.