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1 Inch Black Polypropylene Binding

Country Brook Design
  • 1 inch wide
  • Approximately .022 Inch or 0.56mm thick

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Item #: WPB-BLA-1

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PagesProduct Description

Polypropylene binding is a soft and durable tape made from woven fibers. Flexible and easily sewn, polypropylene binding is perfect for edging projects. Essential in preventing fraying on the edges of fabric, polypropylene binding will give your projects a polished and professional look. Made from thermoplastic resins, this versatile material is ideal for projects that may be exposed to the outdoors. UV resistant and waterproof fibers make the polypro binding more tolerable to weather. A less expensive option to nylon tape, polypro binding is still more resistant to acid, alkaline, oil, and grease; it also won’t stretch like nylon tape will. Used in many applications, polypro binding can be used in projects such as: packing, crafting, lanyards, percussion repair, aprons, pouches, vinyl charts, tote bags, horse blankets, canvas, and covers.

Some rolls may contain factory splices. If you need a continuous roll, please let us know. If you are going to use this binding with hardware, it is best to use with 1 inch. D-rings, triglides, and buckles are sized by the webbing, or straps, they are meant to be used with.

GearsProduct Specifications

  • 1 inch wide
  • Approximately .022 Inch or 0.56mm thick

StickpinNotes on Use

Country Brook Design cannot be held responsible for misuse of this product. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of the product for their use.

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