Baby toys cost a lot of money and kids can grow out of them fast. Your little one doesn't care about brands and designer toys. In these times, being crafty can be quite helpful because you can save a lot of money by making your own toys. Here are 20 awesome DIY projects for frugal and crafty parents.

Stuffed Toy Owl
Your baby will love to cuddle with this easy-to-make stuffed owl made from leftover fabric. If you have little sewing experience, this project is perfect for you, because it only requires knowledge of the basic straight stitch.
Fabric Baby Blocks
Your baby will have a blast stacking and building these colorful blocks made from vibrant fabrics and foam.
Soft Stacking Toy
You're probably familiar with the plastic version of this toy. Create this fun and functional stacking toy made from colorful pieces of felt instead. Stacking toys help build your baby's hand-eye coordination.
Colorful Caterpillar Toy
Crochet your baby this soft cushy toy by creating different colored round sections and attaching them to form a whimsical caterpillar.
Cork Drum Set
Have fun dancing and playing while your toddler pounds on their cool DIY cork drum set. It's easy to make and your baby will love it.
Finger Puppets
These adorable fabric and marker puppets are simple to make, and they'll keep your baby giggling for hours.
Peanut Baby Dolls
Every baby needs a little buddy to cuddle with. Make your baby a peanut baby doll from scrap fabric and love. The doll's peanut shape will make it easy for your baby to hold.
Felt Tea Party
Transform a foot stool into a sweet, magical tea party featuring felt accessories. It's a wonderful way to introduce your little one to their first tea party.
Bowling Set
Save the planet and money by turning your plastic bottles into colorful bowling pins. You can use any ball around the house as a bowling ball, or you can create a fabric ball using the fabric beach ball tutorial below (see #20)
Baby Treasure Box
Create a treasure box featuring a variety of small homemade toys. Sticking to a theme will help you come up with fun ideas that you might not have thought of otherwise.
Clothespin Fairy Dolls
Transform clothespins into cute dolls your kids will love. You can use scrap yarn and fabric to make these quick and easy fairy dolls.
Scrap Ribbon Tag Toy
Your toddler will love playing and sleeping with this sweet tag toy made from scrap ribbon. You could also make several tag toys and turn them into an adorable baby mobile.
Crochet Buttercup Bear
Make your precious little one a crocheted bear they'll never want to be without. If you understand basic crochet stitches, you can make this cute little bear.
Baby Rattle Grab Toy
Keep your baby entertained with this crocheted loop with rings featuring small jingle bells inside. Every time your baby shakes their grab toy it will jingle.
Felt and Wood Matching Game
This budget-friendly game is easy-to-make, and it's the perfect game for babies developing their matching skills.
Toddler Sewing Basket
This homemade sewing basket is so adorable and easy to assemble. It features everything from crocheted flowers to wooden spools. It will offer your toddler a variety of fun activities.
Introduce your baby to sports by giving them their first football. This soft knitted football is easy-to-hold and make.
Stuffed Giraffe or Elephant
No baby can have too many stuffed animals, especially ones that their parents made for them. These adorable fabric animals feature a curved shape that makes them easy-to-hold.
Felt Toy Truck
Make your baby their first toy truck that's safe and easy to play with. This adorable truck is made from colorful pieces of felt.
Fabric Beach Ball
Your baby will love to play with this soft fabric beach ball that can be made in just a few steps. You could also attach a pacifier to this beach ball.